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Below are some of the magazines, newspapers, and websites our work has been featured in since 2009. You may view a digital copy of any article by clicking on the "view PDF" option included after each citation. A brief description (and URL) of each source is included for those who may be unfamiliar.

Our work has currently been published in the U.S., Canada, and Europe.


Architectural Record – July 2009 (U.S.A.)


One of the world’s largest and oldest architecture magazines, aimed at professional architects and engineers. Published monthly in New York, N.Y. by McGraw Hill. Established circa 1900. (

Sokol, David.  “Lukas Petrash’s MCD House: Trash becomes a family’s treasure.”  Architectural Record 197.7 (July 2009): 30. Print. (view PDF - 1.7mb)

Azure – September 2009 (Canada) [COVER STORY]


Design, Architecture, and Art magazine featuring innovative designers, projects, products, and ideas from around the world. Based in Toronto. (

Zeigler, Mimi, et. al.  “[Cover Story]: ­10 Designers = 10 Great Ideas.”  Azure 25.194 (Sept. 2009): 60 – 71. Print (view PDF - 2.9mb)

Casa Naturale – July/August 2009 (Italy)


Bimonthly magazine focused on sustainable living, building, and decorating practices related to the home. Based in Rome. (

Morrone, Floriana.  “Risparmio Sostenibile [‘Sustainable Savings’].”  Casa Naturale 5.22 (July/August 2009): 30 - 32. Print. (view PDF - 2.0mb)

D | La Repubblica delle Donne – April 2009 (Italy)


200-page fashion, design, and general interest magazine for women published weekly in Italy’s second-largest newspaper. (

Ciuffi, Valentina.  “45 MQ/Una Casa Da 12Mila Dollari.” D | La Repubblica delle Donne 14.642 (18 April 2009): 28. Print. (view PDF - 1.7mb)

Ecoperando: Officina Per L’Ambiente [‘Workshop for the Environment] – April 2009 (Italy)


Italian online news source and blog focused on ideas and practices for sustainable living.

Bellone, Valerio.  “Una Casa al Costo di 9Mila Euro.”  Ecoperando: Officina Per L’Ambiente 24 April 2009: n. pag. Web. (view PDF - 0.9mb)

ENR | Engineering News-Record – February 2011 (U.S.A.) [COVER STORY]


Weekly magazine with news, analysis, data, and opinion for the construction industry worldwide—known for it’s annual rankings of construction and engineering firms, awards, and economic data. Published in New York, N.Y. by McGraw-Hill. Established 1917. (

Abaffy, Luke.  “[Cover Story]: Millennials Bring New Attitudes.”  Engineering News-Record 266.6 (28 February 2011): 22 – 26. Print. (view PDF - 2.7mb)

Harvard Design School Alumni Notes – March 2010

  Harvard publication profiling alumni accomplishments and news articles. Page 18 (view PDF - 0.3mb)

Harvard GSD News – June 2009

  Forum for web-based news articles for the Harvard University GSD. (view PDF - 0.1mb)

Interior Identities – October 2009 (U.S.A.)


A virtual room design/makeover blog featuring colors, textures, and products to make your rooms fit your personality and design style. (

Stallworth, Haleigh.  “A Creative Genius at Work….”  Interior Identities. 1 October 2009. Web. (view PDF - 0.4mb)

L’Opinione delle Liberta [‘Freedom of Opinion’] – May 2009 (Italy)


A web-based Italian newspaper with daily news on politics, economics, and national/international current events. (

Barbati, Emanuela.  “In Texas la prima casa completamente ecologica.”  L’Opinione delle Liberta. 18 May 2009. Web. (view PDF - 1.6mb)

Re-Nest | Abundant Design for Green Homes – September 2009 (U.S.A.)


Comprehensive “green” blog featuring green homes, technology, tips, and cooking. (

Stone, Abby.  “Lukas Petrash’s Trash House: Cheap, Small, AND Green.” Re-nest. 11 September 2009. Web. (view PDF - 0.3mb)

USC Trojan Family Magazine – Winter 2009


Quarterly magazine for the University of Southern California students, faculty, and alumni. (

Williams, Miya. “Alumni Profile: Economy Class.” USC Trojan Family Magazine 41.4 (Winter 2009): 58. Print. (view PDF - 1.2mb)


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trays Magazine (Harvard GSD) – Spring 2008









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